Regular Play


The CGC Board of Governors continues to evaluate the operation of our club to assure safe conditions for our members and staff during the Covid-19 crisis. .


The 1st tee will open at 7:30 a.m. everyday.  All play must start on the 1st tee with no play off the 10th tee or any other tee without until golf shop approval.

GUEST PLAY: Guest play is allowed Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday any time and Friday before noon. There will be no unaccomplanied guest play at this time.
All guests must be approved by the golf shop a minimum of 24 hours in advance.
No guests will be permitted without prior notice.
You may register guests by using the guest form on the website, calling the golf shop - 203 261-2544, or by emailing
You, as the member, will need to confirm that you have asked your guests the folllowing: To my knowledge, (a) I do not have an active case of the Covid-19 virus, (b) I do not have symptoms of an active case of Covid-19 and (c) I have not been exposed to the Covid-19 virus in the past 2 weeks.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE SERVICES - Food and beverage service will continue to be limited to take-out only. The menu items will be expanded and posted daily. The tables on the patio will be set up in accordance with social distancing guidelines and we ask that you abide by the placement and DO NOT move tables or chairs.
There will be no table service outside. The tables are only for your convenience to sit while consuming your food or beverages ordered to go.
Your orders are still to be placed by email or text to

REST ROOM FACILITIES - The locker room doors from the driving range will now be unlocked. This is to access the bathroom facilities only. You are not to use your lockers, or to change clothes or shoes in the locker room. You are not to congregate or use this as a social space. There is NO SHOE SERVICE. This area wuill be cleaned regularly and documented for your review.

GOLF SHOP - We would like to offer golf shop merchandise with a similar symtem to the food and beverage. If you would like to purchase balls, gloves, a hat or merchandise, you may call the fold shop 203 261-2544 or email to ; ;
Your merchandise will be place on the patio or 1st tee. We ask that you do not enter the golf shop for purchases at the present time.

GOLF CARTS - Golf carts will be available for single riders only with the exception of immediate family members.
All golf carts must be returned to the cart barn by 7pm.
After play you are to remove your own clubs and belongings.
Remove any bottles, cans and trash that is in the cart. 
Return your cart to the cart barn for sanitizing.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated when golf carts are not available.

Please send an email to:
Debbie Wallenta and Rod Loesch when playing with a family member for billing purposes.
Senior members should also let Debbie and Rod know when you play.

The driving range is open every day Tuesday-Saturday until dark.
Sunday the driving range will close at 7pm.
Monday the range and the golf course will open at 3pm.
The cart barn will be open and staffed.
The locker rooms will be accesible from the driving range doors for bathroom use only.
The course is open to walkers only.

Do not come to the golf club if you are not feeling well. Practice social distancing at all times when on the premises. Do not handle or touch anyone’s golf equipment.

After completing your round, return your golf cart to the cart barn, proceed to your car and leave the premises. Socializing on the patio or parking lot is prohibited at this time.

By following these practices we can continue to enjoy our beautiful golf course through trying times. Failure to follow these rules could impact everyone's ability to use the course. If you have any comments, concerns or recommendations please let us know.

"Devoted Primarily & Exclusively To The Playing Of Golf"

Membership Inquiry

If you are interested in Membership at The Connecticut Golf Club, please submit your information by clicking here, and you will be contacted by Ron Herman:

Ron Herman - Membership Chairman
Phone: (203) 451-4959

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