The CGC Board of Governors continues to evaluate the operation of our club to assure safe conditions for our members and staff during the Covid-19 crisis. Please read this email carefully as we have made some changes that are in effect for the month of April. We will continue to monitor the situation and make further changes as necessary.

As of Friday, April 3rd, the course will be open for play at 9am.  All play must start on the 1st tee with no play off the 10th tee or any other tee until 10:30am.

Golf carts will be available for single riders only with the exception of immediate family members (definition below). Sanitized carts will be located in the bay by the 1st tee. A cleaning protocol is in place for the sanitization of the golf carts. This protocol includes protective attire for our staff, the use of a steam cleaner and disinfectant. All golf carts must be returned to the cart barn by 7pm.

There will not be enough carts for all golfers on busy days due to single ridership. It is STRONGLY recommended that our members walk the golf course if you are able to do so.  Please limit the cart use to 18 holes and at the end of your round bring your clubs to your car and return the cart to the cart barn. Only touch carts that are in the bay or delivered to you by a staff member. Your patience and understanding will be appreciated when golf carts are not available.

Other key information:

  • Members are responsible to pick up carts and load/unload your own clubs.
  • The clubhouse, locker room and pro shop are closed.
  • Golf lessons are postponed until further notice.
  • There are no water coolers on the golf course. Bring your own water.
  • No accompanied or unaccompanied guests will be permitted on the golf course at this time.
  • Play is limited to immediate family members within your household.  Please send an email to :
    Debbie Wallenta and Rod Loesch prior to coming to the course with a family member for billing purposes. Senior members should also let Debbie and Rod know when you play.
  • The golf range is open everyday Monday-Sunday.
  • The course is open for walkers only on Monday after 3pm.
  • Members must handle their own golf equipment and take home with them at the end of the round.
  • Do not ask the staff to help with carrying your golf bag or any other equipment.
  • The practice green is open with flagstaffs removed. On the golf course the flagstaffs should remain in the cup and not be touched. Rakes have been removed from the bunkers so please try to level the sand with your feet.

Do not come to the golf club if you are not feeling well. Practice social distancing at all times when on the premises. Do not handle or touch anyone’s golf equipment.

After completing your round, return your golf cart to the cart barn, proceed to your car and leave the premises. Socializing on the patio or parking lot is prohibited at this time. 

By following these practices we can continue to enjoy our beautiful golf course through trying times. Failure to follow these rules could impact everyone's ability to use the course. If you have any comments, concerns or recommendations please let us know.

The Board of Governors
Connecticut Golf Club

"Devoted Primarily & Exclusively To The Playing Of Golf"

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