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Connecticut Golf Club – Fall Membership Promotion

  • Do you love golf and the camaraderie of the game?
  • Do you no longer use the pool & tennis courts at your country club?
  • Do you hate crowded courses, 5-hour rounds & being behind slow foursomes?
  • Is it hard for you to get tee times?
  • Does your club nickel & dime you with lots of extra charges?
  • Would you take advantage of free lessons from top PGA professionals
  • Do you enjoy a challenging course in a spectacular setting?
  • Do you fix your pitch marks and divots?
  • Do you like fast and true greens?
  • Do you like to play on a course in pristine condition?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, the Connecticut Golf Club may be for you

Our club was founded as a private “golf-only” club 50 years ago and we are based in Easton CT. Our limited membership (under 200) allows us to have no tee times with un-crowded and pristine conditions. We have a newly renovated clubhouse that, together with our fabulous golf course, is a great place to host friends and business colleagues. We are surrounded by thousands of acres of beautiful nature preserves and undeveloped land creating a serene atmosphere that is uninterrupted by houses or roads.

Our philosophy is to not “nickel and dime” our members so we include many items in our dues that other clubs charge extra for such as: Cart fees, LESSONS, range fees, locker fees, locker room attendant, club storage, attractive pro shop pricing, all gratuities and most tournament entry fees! Yes, Lessons are included! We have 3 great pros, led by Rod Loesch, who is a well known and highly respected teaching pro.

We are currently accepting members under a Fall Membership Program that extends until December 1, 2018. In addition to full membership, we have a fall trial membership and memberships for golfers who are under 40 years old. Below are the specific costs excluding taxes:

Initiation Fee: $10,000 for golfers 40 years old and over for Executive Membership (voting), $30,000 for a foursome joining together (i.e. $7,500 each), and $6,500 for golfers under 40 years old joining as Young Executive Members (non-voting). Young Executives Members may spread their initiation fee out over multiple years. Anyone joining under one of these programs will be able to use our facilities for the remainder of 2018 without paying dues! These fees are only valid until December 1, 2018!

2018 Fall Trial Membership: $2,500 for individuals, $10,000 for foursomes (September to December). This will be applied to the initiation payment for those who join CGC on a permanent basis on or before December 1, 2018.

Annual Costs: In 2018 the cost of membership is ~$15,000 for Executive Members. The annual cost for Young Executive Members depends on age: Under 30 years old: ~$5,000, From 30-34 years old: ~$8,000, From 35-39 years old: ~$11,000. Executive Members pay their dues in total in January of each year. Young Executive Members may opt to pay their dues on a monthly basis.

To Apply: Contact our Membership Chairman – Ron Herman at or on his cell phone: +1(203)451-4959

For Membership Information Please Contact

Ron Herman - Membership Chairman




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If you are interested in Membership at The Connecticut Golf Club, please submit your information here, and you will be contacted by Ron Herman:

Ron Herman - Membership Chairman
Phone: (203) 451-4959

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